HOMECheck Text MessagesTen manifestations of a woman's mental infidelity! Psychology determines a woman's mental infidelity

Ten manifestations of a woman's mental infidelity! Psychology determines a woman's mental infidelity

In emotional life, cheating is a very serious kind of betrayal, but not every betrayal will result in substantive betrayal. There is a kind of betrayal that is not cheating but is spiritual, that is, spiritual cheating. Today Let's talk about mental infidelity together. There are ten manifestations of mental infidelity in women! Psychology determines a woman's mental infidelity.

1. What does mental infidelity mean?

5 signs that indicate he is cheating: The easiest way to tell if your husband is cheating. Mental infidelity refers to having feelings for someone other than your partner. Although there is no actual physical infidelity, you will treat this person mentally like your partner and create a deeper emotional connection. He is secretive and usually uses the Internet to keep in touch, but he will use the excuse of just chatting to cover up.

2. There are ten manifestations of a woman's mental infidelity! Psychology determines a woman's mental infidelity

1. Polarized attitudes

Can I track my husband's deleted call history from another phone? One moment, one may feel inexplicably disgusted with the other person, and the next moment, one may greet the other person very enthusiastically. Disdain is because of the third type of recognition and concern, so when facing the original partner, you subconsciously magnify the other's shortcomings and can't help but dislike it; enthusiasm is because of the moral compensation, knowing that you are immoral.

2. Decreased desire to share

Can I view my husband's deleted call history online? They are no longer willing to share their thoughts with their partner because their desire to share is directed to another person. They may even hide their own affairs, be unwilling to communicate, hide their thoughts in their hearts on the grounds of privacy, and stay in their own world.

3. Become anxious easily

Can I remotely monitor my wife's deleted call history? Inexplicable impatience, even a small thing can lead to a big emotional outburst, comparing your husband with others, magnifying your partner's shortcomings, and emphasizing the shortcomings of others. Becomes a complainer, and may even deliberately provoke others and intensify conflicts.

4. Avoid close contact

The smartest way to deal with finding out your wife is cheating on you. When we don't accept someone in our hearts, it is difficult for us to accept the other person's intimate contact. A woman who is emotionally cheating will not take the initiative to approach her partner, and she will also have an attitude of being uninterested in and even avoiding rejection of her partner's contact.

5. Keep your mobile phone with you

I have become inseparable from my mobile phone. I look at it all day long and rarely leave it alone, just like online dating. You will not let others see your phone out of respect and trust. Showing strong Internet addiction and ignoring real life.

6. Unwilling to compromise

You are unwilling to make accommodation with your partner, and you will not let yourself feel the slightest grievance. Even if the other person is extremely wronged, you will remain indifferent and appear very indifferent. Become very stubborn and insist on yourself.

7. Like the Cold War

After a quarrel, he appears extremely calm and indifferent, likes to have a long cold war, and is unwilling to reconcile. Even if the other party actively seeks peace, he will remain indifferent and do his own thing.

8. Like to be alone

I feel bored at home and find excuses to go out. Even when I go home, I prefer to be alone and don't want to be disturbed. In the end, everyone does their own thing and plays with their mobile phones.

9. Become indifferent to your partner, relatives and friends

No longer willing to spend time on your partner's relatives and friends, even if your partner goes out to play with friends all night long, this is a tolerant and understanding attitude, accepting those words and deeds that were previously unacceptable.

10. Pay special attention to appearance

She pays great attention to her appearance, buying a lot of new clothes, putting on makeup, spraying perfume, etc. She often takes photos and videos and shares them on social platforms. There are fewer family records and more records of one's own life.

Ten manifestations of a woman's mental infidelity!Psychological judgment of a woman's mental infidelity needs to start from the woman's abnormal behavior, and also needs to separate emotional distress from mental infidelity. There is a clear third party in mental infidelity, and emotional infidelity is only directed at the partner.Conflicts in marriage are not terrible. What is terrible is that the conflicts are not resolved and may even lead to greater conflicts. I hope everyone can overcome the difficulties in marriage and gain happiness.