35+ Best Investing Twitter Accounts to Follow

Are you looking for Best Investing Twitter Accounts to Follow?

If so, you are at the right place. The growing world and society demand investors to be aware of the ongoing market trends and the news related to investing. His mere skills in investment can not help him grow otherwise. A full-fledged knowledge of the market is equally essential.

Considering the expansion of trade and investment, it becomes a major problem to find a trustworthy source, other than television, on whom the investors and traders can trust to get their daily share of the news and the upgraded information.

Twitter itself has several accounts and profiles built solely to deal with the topic of investment and trade. To ease your search, we have come up with an easy-to-go-through list of the 35 best investing Twitter accounts to follow.

BEST Investing Twitter Accounts to Follow

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How JustTweetit Ranks Twitter Profiles for Investing Category

JustTweetit has nothing to do with your followers or the number of likes you are get on your tweet. It ranks Twitter profiles on other criteria, which are mentioned below.

Activeness on Twitter

Clearly understandable, the more active an influencer is on Twitter, that is, the more frequently he or she tweets, the more are the chances of him being ranked at the top by JustTweetit. So, as an influencer try to tweet quite frequently and often talk about the topics that are trending or tweet about the latest news.

Influence of the Tweet

Your tweet must be worth benefiting the viewers. If so, you will have a good ranking as per the JustTweetit algorithms. For that, the influencers must tweet valuable information and the tweet must be influencing. It should have something related to investment or trade.

Retweet Ratio

The more retweets your tweet gets, the better will be the ranking of your Twitter profile according to JustTweetit. To ensure more retweets, your tweet must be very captivating and it must hold value for an investor. You can share news or knowledge on the topics that include trade and investment.

Best Investing Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary

All the Twitter accounts that you just scrolled through are the most influencing ones in the field of investments and trade. These accounts will provide you with the ease of getting updated with all the necessary and required information on investment and trade. You do not have to search for sources to get the desired news.

I hope these Twitter accounts will enhance your knowledge of the subject and you will be able to benefit from them. With these Twitter accounts, you do not have to bother switching on your TV now and then for getting your share of the news.

These Twitter accounts are your messiah in between your already busy schedule. While you could be planning to invest or you could be attending an important meeting, you can still be updated on the recent updates and trending news.

You are not restricted by the boundaries of time or space, all the required information on investment and trade is just a click away. These Twitter accounts will help you to get the information that you need without you having to spare much time for the same.

Hence, even if you are new to the field of investment and trade, you can trust these influencers to flourish your skills and knowledge. The best part is that you have the ease of learning the news about investments with the Twitter accounts mentioned above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which are the top 5 Best Investing Twitter accounts to follow?

The top 5 investing accounts to follow on Twitter are-

Twitter Handle  Followers
Fred Wilson(@fredwilson) 693K
Barry Ritholtz(@ritholtz) 206K
Cullen Roche(@cullenroche) 83.4K
Ben Carlson(@awealthofcs) 222K
Boring Howard Lindzon(@howardlindzon) 282K


2. Who is the most followed Investor on Twitter?  

Fred Wilson is the most followed investor on Twitter with 693K followers. He is a co-founder at Union Square Ventures. He remains very active on Twitter. Also, he is a blogger and he has been investing as a VC since 1986.

3. Which is the best Twitter account for Investment news?

CNBC(@cnbc) is the best Twitter account for Investment news. It focuses on providing relevant information to investors and other trading companies. Presently, it has 4.9 million followers which continuously keeps on increasing.

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