35+ BEST Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts to Follow

Are you looking for Best Fantasy Football Twitter accounts to follow?

If so, you are at the right place. Nothing is better than getting a platform to enjoy your favorite sport in the virtual world with real players. Fantasy Football ensures you have every excitement and fun served on your phone screen, even if you can not play football outdoors. Being a football fan, you might want to have every news and update on fantasy football immediately.

Now that Twitter has so many accounts that post on Fantasy Football, and not each is informational and insightful, it becomes difficult to choose the best one that is genuinely reliable. Considering the same, we have brought together the 35+ Best Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts that will provide you with all the updates and tricks to excel in the game.

BEST Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts to Follow

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How JustTweetit Ranks Twitter Profiles for Fantasy Football Category

We rank Twitter profiles for Fantasy Football Category by comparing their retweet ratio, activeness on Twitter, and the influence of a Twitter account on the fantasy football industry. If your profile excels in these parameters, your ranking is sure to be higher than that of other profiles. 

Retweet Ratio

A captivating profile has a good retweet ratio. The retweet ratio is the percentage of retweets regarding fantasy football that you have tweeted on your Twitter profile. If the number is large, your ranking will be better automatically. 

Influence on the Fantasy Football Industry 

Your tweets should hold value and quality for all fantasy football lovers. Tweeting content that influences the entire football lovers community plays a major role in boosting your rank if it is to be calculated as per the parameters set by JustTweetit. 

Activeness on Twitter 

Tweet daily or frequently and provide your followers with quality content on fantasy football. Being more active on Twitter is directly linked to your ranking by JustTweetit. You will be amongst the top rankers if you are more active on Twitter.

BEST Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary

Hopefully, all the Fantasy Football Twitter accounts we have listed above will give you an excellent and quick insight into every thrill happening in your favorite game. If you are a die-hard fan of football like me, you will surely find all these accounts helpful as you can have all the fun and excitement served to you despite being tightly packed on your schedule. 

Also, some of these Fantasy Football Twitter accounts are known to provide efficient and amazing tips and tricks you use while playing virtual football. Whether you are new to the world of fantasy sports or you are already a pro player, following these accounts will benefit you in the best way possible. The best part is that if you have put your money at stake in Fantasy Football, these accounts will save you from losing it.

I hope that with these accounts, you will also be able to prevent wasting your time since these influencers provide a clear insight into how to create a good and effective team with the best players of all the teams combined. This way, not only will you have better gameplay, but you will also enjoy the game even more. Hence, I believe following these accounts will enhance your skills to the best of your ability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which are the top 5 Best Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts to follow

Twitter Handle  Followers 
Chris Raybon(@ChrisRaybon) 60.2K
Graham Barfield(@GrahamBarfield) 68.6K
Scott Barrett(@ScottBarrettDFB) 82.7K
Mike Tagliere(@MikeTagliereNFL) 102K
Ryan McDowell(@RyanMc23) 66K

2. Which is the most followed Fantasy Football account on Twitter?

Scott Barrett(@ScottBarrettDFB) is the most followed Fantasy Football account on Twitter, having 82.7K followers presently. He is an active user of the platform. Scott is an amazing fantasy football analyst for Pro Football Focus (PFF). He ensures to keep you updated with all the things about fantasy football.

3. Which is the best Twitter account for Fantasy Football news?

Fantasy Points (@FantasyPts) is the best Twitter account for Fantasy Football news. With 20.4K followers now, this Twitter account provides all the recent news and information on fantasy football. The account owner is a former football coach and has played fantasy football for more than 15 years. There’s always something new on the profile.

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