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    Twitter Groups

    • Birdwatchers Group - Group birdwatchers on Twitter!
    • CrowdStatus - Crowdstatus is made up of crowds, each crowd contains people and each person in the crowd has a status. This means that you can see what everyones current status is in a crowd.
    • GroupTweet - A simple way to to broadcast quick messages and updates to everyone within your “group”
    • Politwitter - PoliTwitter is a non-partisan service that uses Twitter to connect elected MPs and MLAs with their Canadian constituents with the goal of increasing engagement and promoting open government.
    • Tweetizen - Tweetizen is a simple web-based tool designed to help you filter the daily influx of tweets, and easily find the ones that are relevant to you.
    • Twitter Go Getters - For those who use Twitter to meet new people
    • Twitter Moms - Moms who tweet: find, follow, lead, learn, love and share
    • Twitter4Teachers - The Twitter4Teachers Wiki – Are you looking for someone on Twitter that teaches in the same content area as you?
    • TwitterLeague - Have a group of users and want to see who has more followers? Well now you can with TwitterLeague. It’s really simple, just sign in with your existing Twitter username and create your league.
    • TwitterPacks - Twitter Packs is a place to get a starting idea of who on Twitter posts about what. Come in, look around, add your name where it makes sense, and help out.
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  • TweetHug - Have you hugged someone today?
  • Twitter Backgrounds Gallery
  • Web Design, Wordpress, Twitter Bkgs
  • Eco-friendly community, shopping directory, and resources for all things natural and green.
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