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18 Listings in this Directory

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    Chief Executive Officer of Equine Canada, the national governing body for equestrian sport

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    Racing Diary is a complete guide to horse racing, bringing you all of the tips and advice you need to beat the bookies.

    We provide daily tips from Carl Harris, free bets and insider information and will feature guest posts from some of the UK’s best known racing tipsters. In addition to our tips, we provide you with all of the betting information you need to beat the bookies.

    Racing Diary will also provide a number of other services including

    * Premium Membership (for those who know the true value of real insider information)
    * Betting and Laying advice
    * Best offers and free bets from the country’s best bookmakers
    * Tutorials to make the most of the Betting Exchanges and Bet Trading opportunities
    * and much much more

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    Sportswinning provides information and advice on Sports Betting, Trading and Arbitrage. This is real, practical advice from someone who uses Online Bookmakers every day. All this information is offered free of charge. One or more free Bet of the Day selections will be advised, with details of which Bookmaker is giving the best price. It will be updated regularly with the latest trading developments and My Free Sport Betting Strategies. You can become a sports authority, making a living from Online Gambling lists.

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    Jim Milton here. I am a professional horse rider and instructor. I enjoy teaching horse riding and I share with you my experience as a horseback rider through my tweets as well as on my horseback riding lessons blog.

    I am the author of the “Training Yourself to Ride EBook with Video Instructions”. Through my horse riding lessons, I teach beginner riders the basics of horseback riding so they feel comfortable and confident around horses.

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    A premier equestrian event taking place Memorial Day Weekend at the historic and world-renowned Belmont Park Racetrack. The Expo will feature performances by movie star horses and dozens of demonstrations across many disciplines including dressage, show jumping, jousting, vaulting, reining, pole bending and polo. In an effort to promote the welfare of horses, several rescue organizations will parade formerly abused horses on the track during the Parade of Horses on May 30. Visitors can also picnic on the lawn and shop the many exhibitor boutiques for horse-related products and gifts.

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    I’m an avid soccer supporter but am also always following tennis, rugby, cricket, horse racing, golf and various other sports. As an occasional punter/bettor I keep an eye out for interesting predictions and lucrative odds when I see them on the web and occasionally share these but mostly I just tweet on whatever sport I’m currently following.

    Internet Marketers: Don’t follow me, I’m 110% immune to every sales pitch, however cleverly presented ;)

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    The UK’s #1 horse racing portal and online bookmaker advisory – Horse

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    The Warm Beach Vaulters are the largest equestrian vaulting club in Washington state.

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    Kevin Bignell’s Top-Tips is a unique , cost effective sports tipping service that enables the end user to use it as often or as little as they like for an industry low Monthly subscription.

    Top-Tips has made an impressive 471 point profit in 2010 to date,
    all selections are proofed daily by the racing post !

    I look forward to being able to demonstrate the way I work and the regular daily contact I offer you gives you extra re-assurance you are dealing with a site that will make you a very healthy profit.

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    Launched in January 2007 The Sports Investor has grown rapidly to be one of the leading online providers of first class horse racing information and other useful betting advice.

    Starting with just the Daily Racing Service where members are offered three types of bets each day – Our Best Bet, Next Best and Lively Outsider, the number of services has recently doubled with the introduction of the excellent 5 Star Soccer Service which has achieved tremendous results since its inception in 2008 with only one losing month in its first two seasons.

    The Sports Investor also operates a 5 star soccer service and a lay of the day.

    [email protected]

    0845 5678 818

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    Horse Supplements!

  • Follow me on Twitter! offering money back guarantee on 12 month subscriptions – *changing the way you bet*

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    Racing View is a service by Alex Gorrie providing UK horse racing betting tips, sports bets, lay bets and more. It offers a premium membership service.

    Information is given from 8 pm the day before racing and any late information is updated from 11 am . The service gives news on UK racing.

    This service has been turning out winners for the last quarter of a century. Racing View has contacts at all the big racing centres. Very few bad runs and a very high strike rate of winners.

    Late 2011 and early 2012 have been great for the UK service, with five winning months out of seven.

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    Parlays4U gives you daily sports parlays (usually just 2 props per parlay) to help out the betting world. We are here for free and will be your go-to for winning the $ in the world of sports betting. NBA, NCAA BB, NFL and soccer.

    Follow at your own risk!

    Thanks for following,

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    Check out Free Bets Direct for all your daily Horse Racing Tips & Betting Advice. Free no deposit bets of £10 and matched bets of up to £200

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    Cambria Horsemanship is a revolutionary horse training method based on radiance, release, and renewal, using release instead of pressure. Focusing on bridleless dressage and performance, Cambria Horsemanship’s artistic training method light, soft, and happy horses.

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    Redlays and Redbacks exclusive horse laying and backing service offers tips for racing with a proven record of success dating back to its launch date in August 2010.

    Offering two racing selections – one back bet and one lay bet – each day Redlays uses its connections to the UK horse racing industry to supply race tips with devastating effect.

    Subscribe monthly or annually, depending on what works best for you.

    Spaces are limited so get involved today to make sure you don’t miss out.

    [email protected]

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    We are an exciting Equine & Canine stunt troupe based in the Scottish Borders. Shows inc: Medieval Jousting : Trick Riding : Equestrian & Vintage Cabaret : Performing Friesian & Andalusian horses. Public & private performances throughout the UK including film work. Follow us on Twitter and

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