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16 Listings in this Directory

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    I am in Helsinki. I write, play, research, and teach. Currently I teach online media at Arcada, a university of applied sciences. My research at the University of Industrial Art & Design, Helsinki, is focused on psychological and social uses of online worlds, with specific reference to Second Life, RealXtend, and the work of John C Lilly.

    Web site:

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    One part of my life in the Midlands, UK the other at DollyRock Island, Second Life. Fashion designer, gadgety, geeky type woman. A363 Advanced Creative Writing at the Open University. Second Life is NOT a game to me. I’m a Second Life mentor.
    Web site:

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    I am the President & CEO of Designing Digitally Inc. We are an official full service development design firm for Second Life. We have affordable prices and visually appealing designs. We can create any interactions and simulations needed. See us at

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    I write the blog called TINY DANCING about Second Life. Sometimes it’s even funny!

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    I am a Virtual World(s) Artist (a little of everything, especially avatars), Designer, Researcher, Instructor, Diva! I tweet news and articles re Virtual Worlds, Online Games, Social Media, the changing landscape of Pop Culture + more.

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    Just a small town southern girl who enjoys Second Life and is also looking forward to football season starting. I have season tickets this year for the first time. Should be fun.

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    YODspica is a business that specializes in Information Technology Solutions and Web Development. Our staff are qualified graduates with a broad and diverse range of skills, knowledge, expertise and experience.

    The company expertise ranges from Engineering to Multimedia and Graphic Design. The company is constantly being kept up to date with the latest technological advances in order that customers can stay competitive and cost efficient during this difficult trading period.

    This is vital for Web Design and Development, where company image, instant access to information and sales to current and potential customers is critical to the succes of their business.

    Should you require further information or clarification, please contact us at or visit our blog at

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    Dutch VIP Beach Resort in Second Life (unofficial). Infos and News. Dutch VIP Beach Resort is er voor party’s, gestures, gezellige praat, dansen… Visit us inworld: Dutch VIP Resort SL Teleport

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    “Streaming the Rhythms of Black Music Around the World” Our DJs are residents of Second Life and we broadcast the best in RnB NeoSoul Jazz Gospel Hiphop Reggae Afro Beats and much much more. The SecondLife headquarters for BSR Radio is located on SugarHill Island so come see our DJs at work!! Our events are well known and always draw a crowd. Join us in world … your in for a great time!! Or you can tune in online at any time:

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    Owner of Dream LM ( The first and only Second Life community in Thailand.

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    The Virtual World Story Project helps organizations, businesses, and institutions grow communities within Second Life. We use “questing” to develop interactive, immersive, and educational journeys designed to explore specific ideas/themes, teach vital 21st century learning skills, and generate Narrative Synergy™ through story.

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    I find Second Life to really showcase our collective Imaginations.
    I love anything that is Imaginative!
    I have always loved to watch films, played computer games, read Fanasy and Science Fiction.

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    Hi there…im a photographer and digital artist in real life and also in secondlife…art is my life long love <3
    In secondlife i own an art gallery/wine bar and fashion store…my digital artworks are for sale in my gallery for a nominal sum <3

    i also do commision work…creating works of art from photographs of your beautiful sim <3

    I tweet provide sweet inspirational thought and quotes <3

    my art gallery and wime bar is at

    I look forward to tweeting with you soon <3

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    A flirt and a tease. Sarcastic, sassy, independent, sensual, irreverent, and insatiable – a wicked combination. My whole heart belongs to Cheruscii Shepherd.

    Batman’s secret identity is Cheruscii Shepherd, a playboy, industrialist, and philanthropist. The biggest secret, though, is that he ROCKS Second Life. KA-BLAM! He’s always ready to take your requests and tickle your earbuds with CLASSIC ROCK and his sidekick, Karmannghia McGinnis!

    Follow the adventures of Karm and Cheruscii through Second Life on our blog:

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    Latest Technology Headlines and Software Tips/Releases. Download Games, Drivers and free Software at –

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    “Designing and finding something new is up to Your illusion” @ilusso

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