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11 Listings in this Directory

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    I am stepping further and further into my personal growth and greatness each and every day. There is a strong purpose for me to teach people how to run multi-million dollar companies while still maintaining balance, in their mind, body, spirit…and business.

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    Portland Housecleaning, PDX Green Cleaning Services, Maid Brigade of Portland

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    The realtor assists buyers through every phase of buying a home, taking unnecessary time and stress out of the situation and making the whole experience a more bearable, even enjoyable one. The process is also likely to be less expensive as the realtor’s experience will steer one clear of pitfalls and seek out the most satisfactory arrangement for the client.

    He or she also of course becomes involved in the other side of the operation – selling properties. In such a situation assistance is invaluable in ascertaining what is a fair price for one’s property, whether it is prudent to buy first or to sell first, and employing the appropriate marketing strategy to maximise one’s chances of making a satisfactory sale.

    A realtor knows all aspects of the housing operation, whether it be establishing the value of a property, knowing how to market it when selling and getting the client the best value when buying.

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    Find Atlanta homes, apartments, condos and senior living listings and Atlanta neighborhood and school information on ajchomefinder.

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    While the FrameWorks Group has thus far concentrated its efforts on residential condominium development in the Rockaways, this has been more by chance than by design. While, the FrameWorks Group plans to continue to develop premier residences at choice locations, the FrameWorks Group has and continues to actively negotiate for the purchase of sites throughout New York City and surrounding counties.

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    JS Properties, LLC is owned and managed by Joyce Smotherman. Joyce Smotherman has served as a realtor for the Middle Tennessee Valley for over twenty-five years. Taking classes in Accounting and Management, Joyce Smotherman went on to specialize in residential sales. Early on, Joyce Smotherman furthered her knowledge of real estate by achieving her professional designation as a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS). Now, through JS Properties, LLC she serves both residential and commercial clients.

    Prior to establishing JS Properties, LLC, Joyce Smotherman also put efforts towards earning certification by the Graduate Realtor’s Institute (GRI). With her qualifications growing so quickly, her broker license was the next logical step. Joyce Smotherman has consistently shown a commitment to bettering herself and her expertise in real estate ever since. In 1985, Joyce Smotherman became a member of the Rutherford County Board in order to better serve the local community. She also serves on the area Board of Realtors. Through JS Properties, LLC she is able to work among both her peers and service new and existing real estate clients. JS Properties, LLC currently provides residential and commercial sales, property management and marketing services. JS Properties, LLC provides these blended services throughout the middle Tennessee metroplex area.

    Joyce Smotherman currently serves as managing broker and owner of JS Properties, LLC based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. JS Properties, LLC was founded in 1997, and it has allowed Joyce Smotherman to further build upon her vision of what a client-centric business can look like. Through JS Properties, LLC and as an individual, Joyce Smotherman also boasts membership in several elite professional organizations, such as the National and Tennessee Associations of Realtors and the Middle Tennessee Regional Multiple Listing Service.B13

    Joyce Smotherman was also given a chance to further her experience in the industry when she served on the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) board. She was called upon to serve on the local Property Management Association committee. As a key member of the community, Joyce Smotherman has shown time and time again her dedication to serving homebuyers in Tennessee. Through JS Properties, LLC she manages properties throughout Rutherford, Davidson, Wilson, Williamson, Cannon, and Bedford Counties.

    While working at JS Properties, LLC, Joyce Smotherman has also expanded services to include investment property and property management specialties. Since expanding JS Properties, LLC across the state of Tennessee, Joyce Smotherman has found time to pursue hobbies such as reading and cooking. Joyce Smotherman currently resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and can be reached at JS Properties, LLC by email at [email protected] or by calling (615) 907-0998.

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    The services of the property transactor can be useful to us. Not an estate agent, the property transactor is your personal agent throughout the buying or renting process. He or she will do much of the legwork, visit properties, offer you expert counsel at all stages of the process and even accompany you when the most crucial negotiations need to take place. The fee for their service will be agreed up front giving you complete peace of mind.

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    Our clients prefer to spend their time doing other activities rather than cleaning house. Our trained staff has provided exceptional, customized home cleaning services that give our clients freedom from household chores and time to do what they like.

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    I have been involved in the Calgary real estate market for about 7 years now and love every minute of it. I have a genuine passion for following real estate news, trends and ensuring that my clients get the best representation possible. Whether you are buying, selling, looking to invest or re-financing here in Calgary or the surrounding areas, I am confident that I can provide you with the skilled insight and quality service so that you achieve all of your real estate goals.

    check it out:

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    Is your property not selling? Try Feng Shui. You’ll be amazed at how simple changes can help to get the chi flowing again, ranging from small cures to more extensive calculations by an expert such as myself. Follow me to gain insight into Homestaging and Property Staging and blog posts on how to use Feng Shui to find and to sell properties. :)

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    At We help holiday property owners to effectively niche market their holidays and increase their income: Marketing Consultation, Social Media, Websites, Real Estate Photography & Staging, Copy-writing & more. We are based in Andalucia in Spain, Aquitaine in France and Northumberland and Gloucestershire in England.

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