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122 Listings in this Directory

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    ry to make the world a better place.I’m curious how things work and i try new ways to do them…if possible ;)

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    Jewellery and polymer clay artist in Chesterfield, UK. Also dog owner, birdwatcher, atheist, scientist, psychologist, student, singer, musician and roleplayer. I love my organic vegetable garden!

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    Management consultant with a holistic approach, catalyst, ENTP, global citizen, polyglot, world traveler and lover of learning!

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    Atheist – The future is a Bright one.

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    I live for severe storms and natural hazards. I own Natural Hazards Consulting. Enjoy researching topics related to weather, the environment, and hazards. I write freelance about the Internet & mobile Internet, esp. video! Also, I write fiction and used to be an A&E writer. I still work as a model sometimes. I song write, play guitar and keys. I like life to be busy.

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    An Organic Farms start up in the Middle Georgia area. Follow the upsets and joys of living rural life. Learn what it takes to start an organic farm from scratch. Help propel this little farm into the big time.

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    We produce the largest sustainable lifestyle event in the Northwest. Find everything green, good and sustainable in one place – Portland, Oregon. The Energy Trust Better Living Home and Garden Show. If you are looking to live a more earth friendly life, this is the festival for you. Seminars, workshops and music add to the expo. Admission is free to this show.

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    Sustainability writer who blogs about adopting green-friendly practices at home.

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    Sustainability Consultants for: business, life, environment.

    We work with individuals and businesses to integrate sustainability related concepts into the workplace and daily life.

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    Twittering the latest information tips from the world of Green and

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    The Conscious Snob takes a fun yet mindful approach to the way women live their lives by focusing on conscious choices that can be made in fashion, beauty, relationships and other lifestyle-improving topics.

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    I work with Strauss Furniture and we have a line of green furniture and we make custom furniture as well.

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    Owner and Designer of John Strauss Furniture Design, Ltd. in Canton, Oh. We have a line of furniture and do custom as well. Member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

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    Green Business, Green News, Green Resources, Green Jobs, DIY Energy Audit, tools for Entrepreneur energy efficiency, Small Business sustainability

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    * Appropriate Technology educator at Humboldt State University and Universidad Tecnológica de Coahuila.

    * President of The Appropedia Foundation. Executive Editor of the IJSLE.

    * Sustainable consultant and general merrymaker.

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    The Leader in Eco-Friendly Gift, Retail and Gourmet Food Packaging featuring Green Way – Packaging with Purpose™
    Green Way™ is a trade mark of Nashville Wraps for natural, recycled, degradable or environmentally sustainable retail packaging products. Green never looked so good! See us also on facebook

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    I am the Founder & Chair of the Greenhouse Neutral Foundation in Perth Western Australia I am the Author of many internationally published articles on environmental issues and of the controversial book on climat change ZERO Greenhouse Emissions – the Day the Lights Went Out – Our Future World. Published by Strategic Bokk Publishing New York New York I am an environmental activist for change. As a voice for change I also run the mirror White House Blog at

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    Farm Nerd!

    I built built to hook up people who want to share resources to grow food together, as a positive response to what’s going on in the world. Yardsharing is a way to grow organic food cheaply close to home.

    It is often hard for one person to get all the tools, time, skills, space and strength together to grow food. We are working hard and stressing out. But it’s a very easy thing for a group of people to gather all of these elements together. a social network encouraging folks to form group gardens with their friends, families, and neighbors. Gardening is a proven healthy habit, a destressor and a community builder.

    I hope to encourage vital street life in our neighborhoods, community resilience and the health of our families through growing food together.

    It’s FREE and anyone from anywhere can start today!

    I blog at

    Yardsharing is a new idea! If you like the site please tweet about it! We’ve got people from all over that want to get growing!

    hyperlocavore tweets about:

    Day tweets about systems, DIY projects, gardening, sustainability, innovative green projects, hope, yardsharing, growing food, sub/urban farms, CSAs, peak oil, food policy, twitter and tastiness.

    Evening tweets more personal exchanges, media critique/kvetch, general commentary, goofing off.

    I promise never to tell you how bored I am.

    A few blog posts that you might like:

    100 Reasons To Become a Hyperlocavore

    10 Signs You Might be a Farm Nerd

    The Great Let’s Get Growing Seed Share

    Join us!

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    An environmental services management business in the UK managing some of the UK’s best brands – reducing waste to landfill and increasing recycling

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    Happily nestled in Orkney, Scotland and starting up a social enterprise called the Touchwood Project, which will offer playful, eco-friendly holidays.

    I live on an island of 16,000 or so, right next to the ocean. I try to keep my pace of life easy-going, learning to do crafts, write business plans, enjoy the sea and outdoors more, and discuss and play with my bushcrafty husband, Malcolm.

    I still keep my hand in with web design for good causes.

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    After finishing his architecture degree at the University of Monterrey in 2001, he realized that he wanted to focus on sustainable architecture, and knew nothing about it. Foolishly thinking that it would become important in fifteen years time, he packed up his suitcases, left Mexico and headed for Australia, where he studied a Masters in Design Science at the University of Sydney. During his time in Sydney he worked as an ESD consultant and product assessor, looking at everything from the thermal performance of a building, to the environmental impacts of a particular product. Currently working at the Green Building Council of Australia, and writing for he continues in his quest to learn what sustainability is and how to achieve it. He figures that it will take some time, but refuses to make any estimates.

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    I work as an environmental planner in Canberra, Australia. I am working to establish a climate change business within the company I work for – focussing on adaptation measures and policy options for social impacts of climate change.

    I’m into cleaner, greener, sustainable, local products, natural health, more natural living types of things…. i tweet about these things and about the random thoughts and happenings i have about life, changing the world, and weird things that pass me by.

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    I’m a specialist in sustainable lifestyles – finding ways of living the real good life without screwing up the planet. I write books, present TV programmes and am a founder of sustainability company Beyond Green (

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    Landscaping in arid climate using organic principles, passive solar cooling/heating and rainwater harvesting techniques

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    Sustainable farms and gardens, wellness, preparedness—and the language and media environments we use to discuss these subjects. Editor, writer.

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