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10 Designers you Gotta Follow

Since twitter is all the rage lately and gaining popularity in many niche markets, especially graphic & web design I figured why not kick off the launch of with a Top Ten list to get you started on following people.

There have been many articles on “who to follow ” on twitter and we are hoping that everyone will submit their own Usernames into our directory making it easier for communities to find people of similar interests. From Mom’s who twitter to Web developers, we invite all to join.

This list may not be new to some of you but for those just getting started with twitter, this may be helpful. We plan on doing more of these “top people” to follow for each category moving forward. This list incorporates helpful people whom actually respond to tweets too – (some) popular people to follow may not even acknowledge you exist.

If your interested in writing a top 10 list for a category, get in touch with us – we’d be happy to give you props for it.

In no particular order:

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