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214 Listings in this Directory

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    Design On Design

    .. by a designer who always thinks about stuff … like the causality of dependant arising and cyclical existence … or how to reverse engineer the collective consciousness … or what would a fridge say if it could talk…

    Design On Design is an honest look at all things design related. It’s where I can share my thoughts and have my say … but I also like to hear what others have to say. So if you have something to say – get in touch!

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    owner of in-space | spatial design & applied arts | connector of past & future | midcentury modern affeccionado | curious mind | contextual thinker | maximizer | craftsmanship

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    im in school for interio design at the art institute in charlotte north carolina! its a great passion of mine and im looking to follow anyone that is in the same feild and read there blogs and such

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    Passionate design consultant, love to visualise and create beautiful houses

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    Nationally known contemporary quilt artist. I use color, fabric and the traditions of quilt making to create my distincitve abstract landscapes of the prairies where I grew up, the hills of western Massachusetts where I live and vistas of my imagination. Custom orders and inquiries welcome.

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    Designer of modern, organic, locally sourced, sustainable furniture.

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    Since 1994, Retro Interiors has set the stand in South Florida by offering a superior selection of furniture and accessories as well as interior design services. Our atmosphere is trade friendly to assure quality, integrity and detail for any space. Our Fort Lauderdale showroom features the finest furnishings, lighting, rugs and accessories from many well-known manufacturers that we represent. Visit our showroom at 1483 N. Federal Hwy. to inspire your next interior creation.

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    Island City Traders has an extraordinary selection of uniquely styish furniture and accessories that will inspire the interior designer in you. Our one of a kind treasures for your bedroom, living room, dining room, patio and more will delight your senses. Discover an eclectic mix of contemporary furniture and accessories with down to earth prices you won’t be able to resist. Located at 2450 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 954-537-5330

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    We are a small interior design firm located in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Our design team has over 25 years combined experience and has worked on numerous residential and commercial projects. We pride ourselves on continuing are education to keep current on new technology, code, trends, etc. in our industry.

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    I write a daily column at I am always on the look out for new and innovative products and creative people to write about. Check out my personal blog to read articles I’ve written for other design sources.

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    Commercial Interior Design firm based in Louisiana. Dedicated to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly interiors.

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    No matter how perfect it might seem in its every aspect when we buy it, there invariably comes a time when we want our home to look different to how it actually looks now.

    Sometimes natural wear and tear will determine when we need some work done. Sometimes we will just be looking to restore what was already there, albeit in a newer and unbroken form. Other times we might take the opportunity presented by the need for repairs to arrange the property differently. To move this there or to install something more modern in place of a feature that had become dated and tedious on the eye.

    This applies in the commercial world every bit as much as it does in the domestic environment.

    In Norfolk a man by the name of Gary Rugless has this off to a fine art. He and his company Norfolk Property Maintenance specialise in both domestic and commercial maintenance work and service many clients around the West Norfolk area.

    Property maintenance is about more than just repairing the fabric of a dwelling or an office. It needs to take account of a range of factors and considerations, such as fire safety, soundproofing, lighting and privacy.

    These essential considerations must the feature in every aspect of the maintenance work being undertaken, whether it involves fitted kitchens or bedroom, laminate flooring, painting and decorating , suspended ceilings, partitions or whatever.

    When it puts them all together the finished product is a piece of expertise with which you must be satisfied enough to want to live and work for many years to come.

    One’s living and working environment is a vital component of one’s contentment, happiness and success. If it isn’t crafted with care, with affection and with pride then one is stuck with it thereafter for a very long time.

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    NiceDwells engages you with our stylishly savvy team of writers who have the know-how on everything from choosing throw pillows to using a jigsaw.

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    Interior designer, artist, writer and relaxed aesthete. Beauty fascinates me and makes me feel happy; in my blog I write about beautiful interiors, beautiful food and beautiful life, hoping to inspire myself and others. See you there!

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    Based in Birmingham, UK. We design and produce glass furniture, splashbacks and ICON printed glass made to order for your home or office, ensuring we meet each customer’s needs.

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    SMART Carpet has managed to eliminate all the hassle of buying new carpet and flooring. Call SMART Carpet at 1-800-526-7847

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    Bath Simple is a Berkeley, CA based company that has reinvented the bath remodeling experience.

    Dig in at:

    We’re the back office for your design. We support homeowners, designers, and contractors… Let’s make it simple!

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    interior designing.
    luxury. affordable. “green”

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    We sell and restore fine antique furniture. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and our experts in our industry. Check us out at:

    Our blog is up and running. It is fun, informative, and interactive.

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    We have been creating solid hardwood furniture since 1976. Our time-tested methods of joinery and superior wood ensure your furniture will last for generations.

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    Tom Lane established Rockingham Fender Seats more than twenty years ago, to manufacture bespoke fireside seats after having been inspired by his own original Edwardian fender seat.

    Having farmed at Grange Farm, Thorney, UK, for more than fifty years it seemed only natural to convert the existing barns and pig sties into workshops where the club fender seats could be carefully constructed. However in February 2010 it was decided to move the workshops to central Peterborough to more modern premises with better access.

    Rockingham Fender Seats manufacture their club fenders in a huge range of styles and materials. Customers have the option of selecting and combining every last detail.

    Unrivalled service and craftsmanship have always been the hallmark of Rockingham Fender Seats, where each seat is painstakingly crafted and finished by hand to each customer’s own precise specification.

    Bespoke fender seats have been made by Rockingham Fender Seats for a very diverse range of clients including several members of the British Royal family and aristocracy, the US ambassador in London, the Jockey Club, various Cabinet Ministers past and present and countless celebrities both in the UK and abroad.

    Please contact us to find out how we can build you a hand crafted quality fender seat, a fender guard, or a low fender to suit your own individual requirements.

    [email protected]

    01733 687323

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    Welcome to Modloft, one of the fastest growing furniture brands in the U.S. Our collection is offered in over 1000 retailers (online and traditional), plus wholesalers and interior designers throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

    The story of Modloft originates in Venice, Italy where we began importing and distributing the very best contemporary furniture. Soon after, we set out to reinvent the brand into a different image – a unique blend of urban modern style with practical affordability. We aspired to create a lower priced alternative to modern furniture for urban dwellers seeking to live “modern on a budget”. The result was an affordable European quality collection inspired from New York style lofts and today’s smaller living spaces.

    Today, the Modloft brand is widely recognized throughout the modern furniture market as a leader of innovative products, distribution intelligence, and customer satisfaction. We are passionate about what we sell and take pride in delivering a “wow” factor to each location we furnish. Passion and dedication are what move the people behind the Modloft brand to reach a singular goal: To make quality modern furniture available to the budget-minded shopper.

    As proud as we are of our past, we are equally enthusiastic about our future. Soon, there will be a Modloft dealer in every metropolitan city in the United States and abroad. Our range will continue expanding beyond the residential markets, and into commercial projects such as hotels, restaurants and bars. Modloft will help traditional furniture retailers open new online markets to boost sales and exposure – a necessity for any individual store owner. Through our newly tooled website, importers can have access to the top modern furniture manufacturers around the world and purchase containers directly from our factories. These are just a few of the exciting developments at Modloft.

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    Increation are specialists in bespoke interiors designed for living. Increation design any room from kitchens and bathrooms through to full refurbishments including project management and building work.

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    Principal Designer & Founder of Raji Rm & Associates –

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    Interior Designer and Blogger of interiors, furnishings, artwork, fashion, dining, shopping, movies, books and more

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