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    Just Cool

    • CommuTweet - CommuTweet is a twitter application that lets you post and get tweets about your daily commute such as delays and other critical information.
    • Cursebird - Cursebird is a real-time feed of people cursing on Twitter
    • Dynsig - Dynsig is a free tool that lets you create your own Dynamic Signature. Among other functions it is possible to create signatures that always show your latest twitter-status.
    • Explore Twitter! - We needed a place to experiment and help folks get more out of Twitter. Motorola was cool enough to step up and help us launch Explore. If you haven’t yet, try interacting with Twitter through the devices featured below—and watch this space, because eve
    • Flip my Text - Flip Text & More for Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Forums, Emails, IMs
    • FuelFrog - Track your gas mileage by letting us know the distance you traveled on your last tank, the price you paid, and how much fuel you added to your car. FuelFrog will compile and trend information about your gas efficiency, the amount you spend, and more! In
    • Happy Tweets - A measuring stick for how positive, or happy, a particular Tweep is.
    • LastFM Love/Twitter Mashup - After siging up, any track that you ‘love’ on lastfm will automatically generate a tweet from you that has the track’s artist and name, as well as a link to it so your followers can give it a listen.
    • Matt - Multiple account twitter tweeting. Matt makes it easy to post to multiple Twitter accounts without having to log into each one every time.
    • Mr. Tweet - Mr. Tweet helps you easily build meaningful relationships on Twitter by looking through your network and tweets.
    • Politweets - When Twitter gets political. Follow the latest tweets involving the two candidates and their VP picks.
    • Qwitter - Qwitter is a social tool powered by Twitter that helps you quit smoking
    • Retweetrank - Find any twitterer’s retweetrank!
    • SecretTweet - Tweet to the twitterverse totally anonymous
    • Tipr - Tip calculator for Twitter. Check out how much you have to tip for a certain amount of money using your mobile phone.
    • twAnswers - twAnswers is a brand new question-answer type community for twitter. it has a feature which tries to guess the answer based on keywords in the question using yahoo and wiki answers.
    • TweetBar - Tweetbar puts your tweets into email, websites and forum signatures
    • Tweetree - Tweetree puts your Twitter stream in a tree so you can see the posts people are replying to in context. It also pulls in lots of external content like twitpic photos, youtube videos and more, so that you can see them right in your stream without having
    • Tweetwasters - Find out how much time you waste on Twitter!
    • Twictionary - A repository for all sorts of manglings of the English language as used on Twitter.
    • Twistori - A social experiment based on Twitter. Follow the words love, hate, think, believe, feel, and wish in real-time on Twitter.
    • Twitcrush - Declare a Twitcrush on someone, see who has declared one on you!
    • twitree - a Twitter app that visualizes your friends in a recursive tree
    • twitTangle - a free service that helps you untangle the mess of having too many friends on twitter
    • Twitter Avatar Combat - You vote on avatars of people you are following. Only people that follow you may vote for you.
    • Twitter Backgrounds Gallery - Collection of featured Twitter background designs
    • Twitter Mosaic - Make art from your Twitter followers or Twitter Friends
    • Twitter Nonsense Comic - (almost) daily Twitter comic strip by Tony Gigov.
    • TwitterKeys - Enhance your Twitter conversations with fun html characters using this awesome tool!
    • Twitterlights - Highlight internet snippets & twitter them!
    • TwitterSnooze - Hit the snooze button on your “verbose” Twitter friends.
    • Twitties - Awards for all things Twitter
    • Upside Down Writing - Have you ever wanted to freak people out with some crazy text? Now you can do exactly that by writing your text upside down with our flip text generator!
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