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Power of Positive Tweeting: Beyond Quotes & Smiley Faces

I reluctantly joined Twitter a year ago. Perhaps you can relate to some of my initial excuses for holding out: I thought Twitter was about telling people what I was doing—and it felt like a better idea to save those details for time we spent together in person. I didn’t

Use full Twitter username when @ replying

Being a Twitter user you know that to talk directly to someone you simply put an @ symbol in front of their name. Perhaps what you didn’t know is that Twitter guesses and if you do not use the persons FULL username not only may your message never get to

Find interesting people to follow on Twitter!

#followfriday has become a popular way to find interesting people to follow on Twitter!

Fight Spam With A Direct Message To Twitter

There doesn’t appear to have been an official announcement, but Twitter has begun soliciting spam reports to a “spam” user account via direct messages. Are you a victim of Twitter spam? Just begin following @spam and send it a direct message with the username of your spammer.

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