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Use full Twitter username when @ replying

Being a Twitter user you know that to talk directly to someone you simply put an @ symbol in front of their name. Perhaps what you didn’t know is that Twitter guesses and if you do not use the persons FULL username not only may your message never get to

Power Twitter!

If you have more than 10 people you are following more than likely you use a third party app to sort your Twitter stream. But occasionally there are those times that you end up on the website for one reason or another. Power Twitter is an awesome add-on tool for

Featured Tweeter: Preemptive Love @preemptivelove

We have decided to feature Preemptive Love as our new “Featured Tweeter”! The Preemptive Love Coalition is an organization that seeks to eliminate the backlog of Arab and Kurdish children waiting in line for life-saving heart surgery. There are thousands of children in Iraq today suffering from heart disease that threatens

Find interesting people to follow on Twitter!

#followfriday has become a popular way to find interesting people to follow on Twitter!

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How do you rank on Twitter?

New followers on Twitter are always exciting... but what if you could know who stopped following you and why? Or better yet, how would you like to know what the Twitterverse thinks of you as a Tweeter? We have put together a list of tools to help you manage your

Gotta Follow: News on Twitter

For all the news junkies out there, here is a list of any all kinds of news on Twitter!

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