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138 Listings in this Directory

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    Serving time in the Federal BOP for committing a non-violent crime.

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    Tom and Linda Anderson are both accomplished healers, as well as being qualified therapists and Advanced Spiritual Life Coaches. They provide first class psychic and mediumship development classes, workshops, accredited courses and motivational talks to people from every walk of life.

    The Andersons demonstrate and teach to a very high standard, training therapists, and have introduced a wonderful healing experience to people called “The Anderson Healing Technique” and have achieved remarkable results. They have developed a wonderful course called Guided Imagery Healing that incorporates the fact that the mind can heal the body through the use powerful visualisation techniques, (scientific evidence of this is provided during the course).

    Tom and Linda are only a telephone call away whenever a student has any kind of problem with their development. At Freedom of Spirit people are welcomed with open arms, their needs are met, confidence is built and students are given total support.

    07775 920 343
    07951 172798

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    I’m social. And FUN :o ) hehe- “Model. Actress. Photographer. Designer. MUA.” –Follow me and stay connected with my work, travels, and adventures!! xo

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    Foreigner lost in Tokyo making witty cultural observations on life in this crazy metropolis

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    Take this dress to the Ball!!

    Every Dress tells a story but not like this one.

    Me: Dumped December 28th…. In my Wardrobe one brand new gorgeous heartstopingly beautiful cocktail dress.. Red and Black silk/Eastern inspired design… Perfect for a date with the man you love…

    To bad if he doesnt love you back!

    So as 2011 dawned and I lay sobbing on my black rug with two tickets to a River Thames restaurant dinner dance in my handbag and my wallet £350 lighter for having booked them… My dream of watching the fireworks over Big Ben evaporated along with my ex.

    It isnt suppossed to be Prince Charming who makes his escape before the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella hasnt even got her frock on yet! Whats going on world?

    As he made his escape what he didnt know was that I was ill with breast cancer. I may not see another New Years eve.

    And this dress has got to have its moment…This dress deserves to be worn by a beautiful girl on a date with a man who loves her…

    So if you have the perfect occassion watch this space and then place your bid. Money to go to breast cancer uk..

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    Setting up and running a professional printroom can cost you tens of thousands or even not hundreds of thousands of pounds. For most SME’s and some corporate clients this is not a feasible option .

    Printroom Online offers an affordable alternative by providing an “on tap” facility at trade prices. Our service makes sure that peaks in printing volume can be quite easily absorbed and that a downturn in print demand isn’t penalised through fixed overheads.

    Services include colour photocopying, copy service, short run printing, reprographics and a whole lot more.

    Our main printing hub is based in Christchurch Dorset which is a central point between Bournemouth, Poole and Southampton in Hampshire. Not only do we cater for local needs as well as central London and the Greater London area but we also send customers orders nationally throughout the UK.

    [email protected]

    0845 373 1398 (Local Rate)
    01425 672 966

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    You don’t need to be a Celebrity to learn to dance!

    In fact, The Ballroom Experience Co. has taught hundreds of people to dance, just like you.

    Our ballroom dance teachers believe in making dancing lessons accessible to everybody irrespective of level or ability.

    What is more, we believe in making it enjoyable. We want everyone to walk out the door at the end of our dancing lessons with a smile on their face and wanting more.

    Our teaching style is a subtle blend of teaching and fun, appealing equally to the naturally talented and to the not quite so talented.

    So whether you are an Ann Widdecombe, an Alesha Dixon or a John Sargeant, we are sure you will enjoy our classes and get dancing.

    We teach Ballroom and Latin dancing as well as Argentine Tango and Salsa.

    We offer a large variety of ways to get yourself dancing the salsa or any of our other options – from weekly classes, one on one tuition, through to our (we believe) unique and acclaimed Experience Days which frequently see people travelling from all over the United Kingdom and further afield) for a day long introduction to dancing.

    Whilst the heart of our operations happens to be in mid-Suffolk, we are seeking to expand to other areas of the country.

    Do you want to be part of this exciting and growing venture ?

    [email protected]

    0845 053 7475

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    hi :) i’m a college student trying to balance studying, family & friends, and work.

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    VA Assist is committed to providing IVA and insolvency advice completely free of charge.

    No fees, no charges, no administration costs, quite literally 100% of the money you pay contributes towards the paying of your debts.

    What is IVA? With an Individual Voluntary Agreement you pay only that proportion of your debts that you can afford. Interest charges are frozen, pressure from creditors is topped and providing payments are maintained you are debt free usually after 60 months. Without having to go bankrupt.

    If you have debt issues that are in need of a speedy resolution to halt the pressure then contact us VA Assist today and we can help solve your debt problems and worries.

    VA Assist Ltd. believes that when you are already struggling with the burden and hardship of debt you shouldn’t be charged to receive the help you need when you are entitled to it for FREE.

    Let us help you today by assigning one of our specialist advisors to appraise your financial circumstances; we can offer solutions for all debt worries.

    VA Assist Ltd. is an ethical standards company.

    [email protected]

    0800 882 4039

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    Everything Mexico: Discover the vibrant art, music, history, food and culture of Mexico

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    Well, I’m just a student in England. I’ve only really just started tweeting, so followers would be appreciated :D I’ll follow right back + I like talking to new people :)

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    “You’re not ugly, it’s society that’s ugly.” Everyone is beautiful in their very own unique way.

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    You don’t have to accept hair loss. With over 100 locations throughout North America, Hair Club has continued to offer all the proven solutions for hair loss for 35 years! Take action today by visiting

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    Enjoy: quotations, quotes, inspiring sayings, proverbs, jokes, humor, humour, sarcasm, wit, comedy, news, health, witticisms, sayings, classic, american, joke

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    I say lots of things about lots of things.

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    follow me pleaseee

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    Racing View is a service by Alex Gorrie providing UK horse racing betting tips, sports bets, lay bets and more. It offers a premium membership service.

    Information is given from 8 pm the day before racing and any late information is updated from 11 am . The service gives news on UK racing.

    This service has been turning out winners for the last quarter of a century. Racing View has contacts at all the big racing centres. Very few bad runs and a very high strike rate of winners.

    Late 2011 and early 2012 have been great for the UK service, with five winning months out of seven.

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    Etiquette, social protocol and good living. We tackle the issues your grandmother won’t!

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    Redlays and Redbacks exclusive horse laying and backing service offers tips for racing with a proven record of success dating back to its launch date in August 2010.

    Offering two racing selections – one back bet and one lay bet – each day Redlays uses its connections to the UK horse racing industry to supply race tips with devastating effect.

    Subscribe monthly or annually, depending on what works best for you.

    Spaces are limited so get involved today to make sure you don’t miss out.

    [email protected]

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    Steven Yee and Matt Tumambing are the first dynamic duo in the self-help, professional and personal development industry. Taking people to the Next Level in Athletics, Business, and Life in general. #NextLevel

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    Somos un grupo de fans que nos gusta el Aquarium Mar del Plata

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    Your spiritual conduit to Dharamsala, Nepal and Bhutan. The apex of the worlds spiritual center. Detach and free yourself!
    My tweets are spiritual in nature and meant to get you thinking and commenting so as to encourage your personal journey. I do not embrace a single religion and avoid the dogma of same.

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    Smart Classifieds – FREE local classifieds leveraging the power of social media and using verification to cut down on fraud and scams.

    Follow @twitskie_tweets

    Twitskie on Facebook

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    I am a God loving, Republican and Proud American that looks at everything not through party lines of popular belief but my own beliefs as an American. I am not an pro-blogger by any stretch, I just try to find stories that have been ignored.

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    I’m a Social Worker, consultant, and fun loving fool. I’m also a blogger with loads of opinions on all parts of society.

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