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138 Listings in this Directory

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    Sideways News is a news website dedicated to providing “fresh perspectives on things that matter”.

    We live at an exciting time in human history. Yes, we’re facing big challenges in the 21st century, but there’s never been a better time to make a difference. Change is needed. And it’s our ambition to play a leading role in facilitating this – by informing, inspiring and enabling our readers to make a positive difference to their world.

    What you’ll find on Sideways News are inspiring and stimulating news and views, from around the world, on today’s issues.

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    The Relaxed and Practical Way to Achieve Great Etiquette.

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    Interesting Links!! News-Animals-Computing-Health-How To’s-Science-Facts
    Bizarre-Photography-Art-Space & More! Join Me Today!!

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    I’m a pre-medical student, writer, blogger and world vision pakistan member and a part time model.

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    The Mission of The Reasonable Voice is to convince all Americans of their limitless value & potential via Education, Informed Political Participation and the Arts. This new National (with an International Mission), Independent and Well Balanced Group of Culturally Diverse, Media, Political and Artistic Advocates heralds, promotes, educates and inspires “We The People” to embrace a Renaissance of our Humanity, Freedoms, Honesty and Rule of Law, through the power of their VOTE. I am The Voice of The Reasonable Voice.

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    Enciclopedia Italiana fondata da Giovanni Treccani. Roma, Italia

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    No matter how perfect it might seem in its every aspect when we buy it, there invariably comes a time when we want our home to look different to how it actually looks now.

    Sometimes natural wear and tear will determine when we need some work done. Sometimes we will just be looking to restore what was already there, albeit in a newer and unbroken form. Other times we might take the opportunity presented by the need for repairs to arrange the property differently. To move this there or to install something more modern in place of a feature that had become dated and tedious on the eye.

    This applies in the commercial world every bit as much as it does in the domestic environment.

    In Norfolk a man by the name of Gary Rugless has this off to a fine art. He and his company Norfolk Property Maintenance specialise in both domestic and commercial maintenance work and service many clients around the West Norfolk area.

    Property maintenance is about more than just repairing the fabric of a dwelling or an office. It needs to take account of a range of factors and considerations, such as fire safety, soundproofing, lighting and privacy.

    These essential considerations must the feature in every aspect of the maintenance work being undertaken, whether it involves fitted kitchens or bedroom, laminate flooring, painting and decorating, suspended ceilings, partitions or whatever.

    When it puts them all together the finished product is a piece of expertise with which you must be satisfied enough to want to live and work for many years to come.

    One’s living and working environment is a vital component of one’s contentment, happiness and success. If it isn’t crafted with care, with affection and with pride then one is stuck with it thereafter for a very long time.

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    Are you seeking how to attract and meet women? Do you want beautiful women to approach you?

    The POWER to Attract Women CAN be Unlocked.

    To meet women in person or online or in any social setting, men have resorted to copying pick up artist techniques which have been widely taught in recent years.

    Truth is, men have a much stronger innate power. Whether it is for dating or relationships, this innate power is lasting once it is unlocked. How to attract younger women and how to meet women are questions answered through this innate power that ALL men possess.

    Prepare for a different outcome. . .

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    The North Hastings Community Trust is a non-profit organization that provides low-income families, individuals and children with community referrals and emergency financial assistance. Items covered may include; rent, heat, hydro, groceries, and medical expenses. Other requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

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    Vraiment ? C’est ça la vraie vie ? Éliminer du gras, être jolie, gentille, bien sappée, cultivée, économe …?

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    I’m a freelance web designer who blogs.

    I blog about web design, IT, pop culture, social issues, activism, and any other interesting ideas that occur to me.

    I’m on a number of Twitter lists related to women in technology, and I’m always looking for like-minded friends.

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    California Home For Seniors offers FREE senior care assessment and FREE qualified placement referrals to the elderly and their families. Our goal is to provide the families with one-on-one guidance during this difficult journey. Because we understand the selection for a loved one is a complex and personal choice, our experienced Eldercare Advisors help with informative decisions about all elder care options, with honesty and vast knowledge. Our caring staff will take into consideration the needs for your loved one so that they can enjoy loving care, peace of mind, and good quality of life.

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    Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz is a skilled professional who has received the designations of MSE.d, CSW and LCSW. Initially, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and then earned an MSE.d. Later, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz received a Masters of Clinical Social Work (CSW), which was followed by recognition as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).
    Embarking on his chosen vocation path, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Queens College, Flushing New York in 1994. Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz was certified as a school social worker and school Psychologist in 1997 at Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York and he earned a Masters of Clinical Social Work (CSW) from New York University in 1999. Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz was issued a certificate in 2000 as a Post Masters in Early Childhood and Adolescence Psychotherapy and Berkowitz obtained his Post Masters certificate in Gestalt Therapy from the Gestalt Association of Psychotherapy in New York City, New York in 2002.
    Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz served as a special Education Instructor in the New York City Public Schools in Brooklyn from 1993-1994. Additionally, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz logged experience as a school Psychologist and Social Worker with the Board of Education in Brooklyn, NY from 1994 until 2006. Berkowitz also served as a social work intern at Maimonides Psychiatric Outpatient in Brooklyn New York during 1998 and 1999.
    During 1999 and 2000 Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz worked as an outpatient social worker, MSW, CSW at New Hope Guild in Brooklyn, New York. Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz also served as Administrative Assistant, MSW, and LMSW at Fordham Tremont Center in Bronx, New York 2003-2004. Additionally, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz periodically offered his services as Clinical Social Worker, MSW, and CSW at the Jewish Board of Family & Children Services in Brooklyn New York from 2002 through 2006.
    Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz served as the Administrative Director, MSW, and LMSW at the Bikur Cholim Department of Clinical Services in Rockland, New York in 2004 and 2005. Currently Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz maintains a private practice in Teaneck, New Jersey focusing on children, adolescents, couples, and families.
    Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz can be reached by calling 646-338-5424 or by email at [email protected]. For more information go online to his website at

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    Political Scientist (DEEPLY in love with Economics) | Teacher | Researcher

    Future Sociologist.

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    The Lion’s Historian is about dialog, understanding, and acceptance.

    Written by “dante.” — a poet, an activist, a community organizer, a blogger, and founder of Speak Equal — the blog seeks to challenge its readers to think deeper than the surface when looking at the issues affecting our communities.

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    If it wasn’t for me everyone would be walking around thinking they’re smart, good looking, thin and non Mexican

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    CuteShot is an amazing multifunctional app that lets you snapshot pictures,edit them, make your own postcards with warm wishes and send them to your friends through email, Twitter and Facebook. Share some pleasant moments with people you love.

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    Our range of products includes not only shrink wrap machinery from Minipack Torre and top quality shrink film from Darnel but also many other items such as Heat Sealers, Bubble Wrap, Stretch Film and many more quality packaging products. With over 15 years in the packaging industry we are happy to help ensure you get the right product to suit your application.

    [email protected]

    0800 612 5269

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    Eclectic expat Canadian she-geek married to amazing Memphian, happily living in NEOhio with three wonderful mutts. I’m also a paranormal investigator.

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    Ramona Creel, full-time RVing Professional Organizer — traveling the country in an Airstream, living the simple life, spreading the gospel of being organized! Also visit my website at for free organizing tips, weekly blog posts, e-books, toolkits, teleseminars, coaching service, and more!

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    We check out what’s new and exciting in the world of Fundraising and Charity. We cover everything that’s new in fundraising and charity from the environment, renewable energy to conventional chocolate bar fundraising. We’ll even throw in celebrity talk and videos to keep it fun!

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    I won’t tell you who I am, where I am, or what I’m in for…but I will share with you everything that I encounter within the Federal Bureau of Prisons, from the day that I am admitted until the day that I am released. (The names will be changed to prevent me from getting shanked.)

    I can assure you that everything you read here is true, sincere, and conveyed shortly after it happens. Because I don’t have access to the Internet within the BOP, other than their secured messaging system, I am using a confidential administrator on the outside to post my tweets and blog postings.

    For those of you who may be about to enter the system yourself…consider this Federal Prison 101. I will be sharing with you my lists of “Do’s & Dont’s”, daily meals, activity schedules, and general survival tips.

    In addition to keeping my sanity through documenting my experience, I’m also hoping that this might serve as a comprehensive resource to those having anxiety about their pending incarceration. All questions and comments posted on this site will be forwarded to my attention and I will do my best to answer all inquiries. Please be patient as there may be various administrative hurdles preventing me from responding in a timely fashion.

    All the best,

    Downward Departure

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    For the first time, SergeantSassy—a single thirty-something—is sharing her legendary tales from the dating trenches. From the delicious to the downright absurd—it’s a growing collection of her personal episodes, well-thought-out theories, trials and tribulations (and perhaps even a few borrowed from friends). Whether you find them scandalous or hilarious, surely you will agree—they are anything but ordinary. Heck, they may even help you avoid some of your own battle wounds.

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    Online bookshop for Royal Wedding fans. Books on William, Kate, The Royal Family, weddings and more. 50% of profits from every book sold go to The Diana Award.

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    Researcher extraordinaire! Specialises in research on Australian families, mum of three, wife of one……..LOUD! Coffee – regular flat white, extra shot.

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