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58 Listings in this Directory

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    I’ve been working in the field of addictions for over 27 years, within the inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as working in the Department of Corrections, the Director of Counseling for a large chemical dependency hospital, to where I’m currently employed doing in-home chemical dependency engagement with (mostly) seniors. I am part of an experts forum on chemical dependency, and I have a contract gig running the chemical dependency program for a long-term transitional program to support people to overcome homelessness. My hope is to find enough time to teach a college class around introduction to chemical dependency.

    I am a fan of mental-health and anti-craving medications as it seems to me that addiction is largely biochemical and that relapse is largely the result of cravings. I make the distinction between addiction and dependence as when we’re talking about addiction we need to talk about craving. When someone talks about being addicted to xbox or watching TV we are talking about a behavioral compulsion – while they might feel the same they are indeed different. It is my experience that it is important to make the distinction as treatment for both of these afflictions can be different.

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    Preview videos on practical psychology and other useful stuff. Subscribe at

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    Hello everyone, are you a curiousity seeker and music lover, then follow me because I will be unraveling the mystery of Michael Jackson and his sudden death. Things are not as they seem and if you think he is still ALIVE, then you are right. The death is a hoax and I will continue to prove it. Many clues have been given by his family & friends, some subtle & others obvious, but you have to be aware of what’s happening to see it. Know it or not, you are witnessing HIStory and watching the Greatest Show on Earth and there will be a shocking return in 2012, so be prepared…

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    I am a San Francisco psychologist who works with couples, individuals, and groups. My approach emphasizes interpersonal process skills and self-awareness to promote healthy relationships.

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    Working my way up the ladder

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    Psychologist, interested in accessibility, usability, human-computer interaction, universal design and everything geeky, located in Germany

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    La culpa es de mis padres.

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    Searchable database of counsellors with resources for practitioners and those in need of support.

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