New Directory Pages!

Posted on December 7th, 2008 by dani

New Directory Pages on Just Tweet It

We have recently added App Developers, Life Coaches, Virtual Assistants, and Beer/Wine Lovers to our list of Directories here on Just Tweet It — Be the first to add your listings :)

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9 Responses to “New Directory Pages!”

  1. Tim Matcham Says:

    can you add Garden Designers to your directory list? many thanks Tim

  2. Tim Radio Gets Wild Says:

    Hi there can you add radio stations to the dir listing please

    many thanks Tim

  3. CV Harquail Says:

    How about adding pages for:
    Management and Organizations
    Business strategy
    Feminism and Diversity

  4. deb toman Says:

    How about a directory heading for vintage clothing.

  5. Marcin Zreda Says:

    Software testing directory is a good idea. Please give testers a chance :) !

  6. William Tanner Says:

    All your ideas are cool but I’ll keep as is.EBT E said dont change a thing.

  7. William Tanner Says:

    Very new at this twitter thing guess I’ll go for it till I figure it out. So I think I,ll just play along with everyone else there ideas are fine by me . What the hell am I doing ? Speak through the King. Guess thats my form of coaching.

  8. Ken Bolt Says:

    Could you please add a category for ‘Florists” ?
    There are over 50,000 od us worldwide!

  9. Paul T P Wong Says:

    I still don’t know how Twitter works and how to get connected with people with similar interests.

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