New Directory Pages!

Posted on December 11th, 2008 by dani

New Directory Pages on Just Tweet It

We have recently added Activists, Marketing, Media Production, Event Production,and Mac Users to our list of Directory Pages here on Just Tweet It — Be the first to add your listings :)

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9 Responses to “New Directory Pages!”

  1. Ann Evanston Says:

    would love to see a column for Speakers and trainers!

  2. Aiye Knight Says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. You found me with the track back option right? I’m still learning and fairly new to how websites work and knowing how to use all the cool tracking and statistics software.

    You have the best Twitter Directory Site I have ever seen. Actually the only one of it’s kind. I’m going to refer all my students to this site for Elite Tweeting. lol

    I put a link to your site at the end of every post. It looks a lot better now. Thanks. Take a look.

    I read very slow and did you notice the “listen now” option at the beginning of each post. It’s a good way for me to not have to read it myself.

    I’m a mac user also and so I’ll be sure to read all your post.

    It’s 5:35am for me and I must be getting some sleep now.

    Talk to you later.

    ~ Aiye Knight ~

  3. Everett L. Craig Says:

    Check this out at then join this grassroots movement for a significant contribution to better government.
    Just review the pros and cons of the FairTax program and you’ll see the many advantages it offers.
    An honest review will make you a supporter.

  4. Dennis Collar Says:

    Taxes are a very bad subject here on the “left coast”. The fair tax idea is very good as it will then tax everybody–legal or not!!

  5. PinkKitPregnancy Says:

    How come there isn’t a twitter directory group for pregnancy/childbirth?

  6. Diver Says:

    Is it possible to start a scuba/diving page ?

  7. Agent 001 Says:

    Add “Blogger” Category. It is very much needed.

  8. Mitchell1969 Says:

    Hey, where is the category for Poker?

    Or do you think like Joan Rivers and think we are trash? lol

  9. DirectMatches Says:

    how do we get listed in the directory?

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