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58 Listings in this Directory

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    I teach Yoga to stiff, stressed out computer users, corporate workers and especially love to teach anyone who thinks that they can’t do yoga. “If you can breathe – you can do Yoga”.
    I’m a Yoga Therapist and have developed a range of corporate yoga products and services. I run regular classes and hold seminars and workshops in the City of London.
    I also teach children and anyone with physical disabilities.
    I offer 1-2-1 Personal Programs, workshops, retreats and classes. I am based in the City of London. I travel and teach internationally a few times each year and I offer Skype lessons, so I can reach everyone.

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    I’ve been practicing Yoga for several years. My favorite is Kundalini Yoga. Although I also practice Hatha, Hot, Forrest, Yin, and Vinyasa Flow. I’ve been on several Yoga/Meditation Retreats around the U.S. and would love to go on more! Interested in meeting like-minded Yogis and Yoginis to share the practice with and travel the world for Yoga!

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    Share information about #Meditation #Yoga on new collaborative inTweets account via our intweets channel.

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    Slightly new to the yogi community, with a newfound love for hot yoga for the past 2 years. Very interested in doing a yoga retreat and possibly one day teaching yoga myself. Looking to follow inspirational yogis!

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    Nutrition Made Simple. Fitness Made Fun. Bringing Health to Humanity.

    Pure Life Project sprouted from the Costa Rican phrase “Pura Vida”. Contextually it means “full of life”, “purified life”, or “this is living!” Pura Vida is more than a greeting, it is a way of life grounded in the philosophy that embodies strong community, perseverance, and an appreciation for the little things.

    Our mission is to bring together a community of like-minded people who as a group are able to support, motivate, and encourage each other to reach their physical and personal goals.

    We believe in living a more balanced life by doing more of what makes you happy…and eating foods that make your body happy!

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    | #Writer @WorkoutTrendsWT | Loves #Yoga | Laugh Advocate | Somebody who’d love to die writing #Poetry |

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    The Mindfulness Meditation Institute: “Mindfulness made simple”

    The Mindfulness Meditation Institute is dedicated to helping you get the most from your meditation practice, so you can find the happiness and fulfillment you’ve been searching for your whole life. We tweet spiritual and inspirational quotes to help you on your journey. Come follow us!

    We provide you with resources such as free articles, guided meditation CDs, and books that will make the learning process quick, easy, and most enjoyable for you. This will help you gain a solid foundation of the mindfulness meditation practice. You can visit us at

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