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155 Listings in this Directory

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    I’m back to my weight loss after my pregnancy. Following the program 45/45. My goal? Lose 45 pounds in 45 weeks. Without frustration and with fun!

    Je suis de retour après ma grossesse pour reprendre ma perte de poids en ligne. Suivez mon programme 45/45. Mon objectif ? Perdre 45 livres en 45 semaines. Sans frustration et avec du plaisir !

  • Follow me on Twitter! Your source for Healthy living and fitness made fun! Weekly healthy cooking video’s, tips & tricks, and must have products! Follow our health and fitness feeds as well! @16ozlbFeedEST (east coast) @16ozlbFeedPST (west coast)

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    MonaVie Juice products featuring an exclusive açai berry juice blend. For more information about the product or business Tweet me!

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    A New Formula For Health:
    Body Ami blends the best of the past with goodness from nature. Crafted in the rolling hills of Napa Valley, we start with apple cider vinegar made from fresh, organic apples, blend it with tropical fruits and berries, and then gently sweeten with a touch of honey. The result is a delicious, refreshing drink full of natural vitamins and antioxidants.

    health, nutrition, apple cider vinegar, acid reflux, fitness

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    I’m a proactive health guru. I’ve worked with many health experts (anti aging docs etc) and have learnt SO much. I want to help others by sharing this info.

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    Fit4Life Programmes, provide fitness and nutrition plans for people of all fitness levels, we design plans that are as individual as you are, we design our plans to fit into your life and not you trying to fit the plan. This will help you succeed and reach your goal. If you would like a fitness plan designed with your enjoyment and goal in mind contact us, we design meal plans with your goal and taste and enjoyment in mind so contact us. We provide plans as individual as you are. We want everyone to fit healthy living into their life so, no fads and gimics here, health and fitness should be fun you should enjoy your life. For tips and advice, for further information on our fitness and nutrition plans or for info on our childrens sponsorship and award programmes contact us on twitter or our website at or on looking forward to hearing from you!

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    introducting a little bit of sustainability into your day

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    Have you ever struggled to eat healthy foods? Or to find reliable information on nutrition? There are some simple things you can do to rejuvenate your body, at a cellular level, through proper nutrition and detoxification. We are here to help. You don’t have to be fanatical, just sensible. Visit my blog sometime.

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    I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain an ounce, that is until I hit 40! Then all the warnings I had heard from everyone really hit home, “sure, you’re skinny now, but wait until your metabolism slows down”. I was a non believer, I was blessed with a great metabolism just like my Dad, who still weighs the same as he did 50 years ago. But, my beliefs were dashed as the pounds started to find their way into my life, and my waistband. I gained about 15 pounds over the course of 8 years. I’m no math genius but even I could quickly calculate the impact over the next 10 years.I know 15 pounds may not sound like a lot of weight for many people, but it was for me and I didn’t want it to turn into 30 pounds. I was on a new mission to lose what I’d gained and be in control again.

    Easier said than done, as many of us know. I had great luck with low carbs, until I started eating carbs again. I tried making bold proclamations like “no more bread”, “no more pasta”, “no more red meat”, “no more fat”, each producing immediate results but unsustainable over the long haul. Also, by the way, I loathe exercising so that was not a realistic option for me. I couldn’t seem to find the balance I needed that kept my hunger satisfied and the weight off.

    Frustrated, I nearly gave up. Then my husband (Bruce Dan), going through a similar weight gain problem, invented the 60 Minute Diet one morning. He was so excited about his new plan, I was skeptical. But then I watched as he began to shed all of his excess weight while eating everything he wanted. This convinced me to change my approach. No more gimmicks, just the time tested method of watching calories in, calories out, and changing my behavior to eat healthier meals. Three years later, and 15 pounds lighter it worked!

    After losing weight himself, seeing my success and others lose weight on his plan, my husbad decided to write The 60 Minute Diet book. It’s a no-nonsense read that teaches the fundamentals of calorie and portion control. Now I also write about losing, and keeping weight off at the companion site for the book, The Sixty Minute Diet blog (

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    Explorers and visionaries have always suspected that in exotic locales, at the furthest reaches of the planet lie the secrets to vibrant health.

    Traversing the globe…scaling mountainous regions and the fertile valleys…plumbing the depths of the seas…gleaning modern ruths from ancient folklore…pouring over the most advanced scientific studies…

    And now, they have been proven correct. Not a single, “cure-all” plant, but in the synergistic gatherings of the earth’s seven most powerful botanicals.

    These potent ingredients have been blended and fused in a revolutionary product…

    And now, eXfuse is proud to present Seven+Pro, our newest botanical supplement that contains a rare and exotic adaptogenic combination of eleutherococcus and astragalus.

    Let me show you how you can take advantage of this wonderful product!!

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    R&D Engineer, part time Internet Marketer, Wife. Love to explore cooking, into food and nutrition, family health. Looking forward to share my knowledge and tweet with everyone!

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    Former Electrical Engineer, now a full time network marketer. I have a new product from XELR8 Corporation called BAZI. It has the 8 Super Fruits, 12 Vitamins and 68 Minerals. Check out mywebsite:

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    Authorized representative and one of the few California dealer for SEVEN+PRO – a cutting edge scientific eXtract formula of seven(7) of the world’s most renown botanticals. One oz. a day provides you in eXtract form (no heat or alcohol)Brown seaweed extract, Acai Palm fruit extract, Goji Berry extract,Noni fruit extract, Mangosteen extract,Gac Seed extract, Seabuckthorn extract, with added botanicals of Astralagus extract and Eleuthro extract.

    All fused together in a proprietary blend of structured water, Wild Blueberry extract, Pomegranate fruit, Aloe Vera extract, Fulvic Acid and natural vegetable preservative.

    If you have been looking to add energy, fight anti-aging and the effects of stress this formula was made for you. Certified by the Banned Substance Control Group as SAFE for all athletes, you can be rest assured that this product will provide total body support.

    For more information and to get started with your own bottle today. Visit

    To your health!

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    Rawfoodie, Nutritional Therapist, lover of life and inspired by mother nature herself. I am happy just to be happy :0)

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    Food affects mood, energy, cravings, clear thinking, sex drive, sleep and overall health. Healthy eating is well being. Optimal health with internet marketing. I’m the webmaster for Looking forward to sharing what I learn about Functional Medicine, diet, nutrition, and RAW food.

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    Raw foodie and otherwise obsessed with food and feeding my 4 children.
    Raw was the answer to my question “HOW will I be able to keep up with my darling (non-sleeping and attachment parented) children AND stay sane (well, somewhat).
    Over a year into green smoothies and thousands of salads – I feel mostly FANTASTIC, and even have the energy to send some tweets :)

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    eXfuze has a product (Seven +) that blends seven of the world’s finest super foods and a host of other nutrition rich ingredients.

    Seven Super-Foods

    Açai Berry Extract
    Fucoidan Native Extract
    Gac Seed Extract
    Goji Berry Extract
    Mangosteen Extract
    Noni Fruit Extract
    Seabuckthorn Extract
    email me at [email protected] to learn more and to get your bottle today

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    Food affects mood, energy, cravings, clear thinking, sex drive, sleep and overall health. Healthy eating is well being. Optimal health with internet marketing. Whole food, raw food, passion for diet and nutritional related information. Smarter than your MD, better looking too.

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    Founder of Dr. Harvey’s fine Health Foods for companion animals.
    Manufacturer of all-natural and organic foods, treats, supplements and herbal grooming essentials for dogs, cats, birds and horses. Animal Nutritionist and Pioneer in the Natural Feeding of companion animals. Herbalist and holistic leader in the fight for natural feeding of animals.

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    Founder of Dr. Harvey’s fine Health Foods for companion animals.
    Manufacturer of all-natural and organic foods, treats, supplements and herbal grooming essentials for dogs, cats, birds and horses. Animal Nutritionist and Pioneer in the Natural Feeding of companion animals. Herbalist and holistic leader in the fight for natural feeding of animals.

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    Greenlife is an online shop selling organics, alternative remedies and supplements – ideal for vegans as well as vegetarian food and natural cosmetics. We are passionate about everything green, its not just a business its a lifestyle. Visit us at

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    RPM Sports offers Nutrition plans from our licensed Dietition for Cycling and Triathletes in the Houston, TX area.

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    Hello, my name is Alan, and I would like to introduce Koka-Loka. If you are like me who love hot chocolate, but tries to avoid sugar, then you will love Koka-Loka, a premium sugar free hot chocolate. Check it out at

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    Das Portal für Nahrungsmittel-Intoleranz auf Twitter. Updates über unsere redaktionelle Arbeit, Links, Rezepte und Tabellen zu den Themen Laktoseintoleranz, Fruktoseintoleranz, Zöliakie und Histaminintoleranz.

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    ealthy Chocolate™ is made from the finest ingredients that are USDA certified organic and contain no sugar. Sugar interferes with the sugar-insulin balance of the body. Healthy Chocolate™ contains a proprietary herbal formula, using an all-natural chocolate-based delivery system that also provides the positive effects that cocoa has on the body.

    It’s not just a piece of chocolate!.


    Healthy Chocolate™ – the first ever GUILT FREE chocolate – is a dynamic, rich, dark chocolate made with 67% organic cocoa and – for the first time ever – sweetened only with Xylitol!

    Xylitol (often incorporated in chewing gum) is a natural sweetener that is extracted from trees and berries. It does not increase insulin levels,, and is good for your teeth. While sugar may challenge the body, Xylitol works with the body’s natural chemistry to build immunity, protect against chronic degenerative disease, and provide anti-aging benefits. (1)

    • A rich, dark chocolate with 67% organic cocoa
    • Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols
    • Helps stabilize blood sugar
    • Safe for diabetics and children
    • Contains no sugar and no artificial sweeteners

    Helps retard bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities
    Healthy Chocolate is more that just a tasty chocolate – it’s an important part of your daily diet. Healthy Chocolate will keep the hunger pains away and give your body an extra boost – just when you need it!

    • Cocoa – Good for the heart, elevates dopamine
    • Green Tea and Ellagic Acid – Strong antioxidants, provide anti-aging benefits
    • Bioperin® – Helps block toxins, increases the absorption of nutrients
    • Noni – An immune system modulator
    • Momordica – Helps control blood sugar
    • Fabenol® – Reduces sugar absorption in the intestines

    Located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, our manufacturing facility produces delicious chocolate year-round using a unique patent pendinged process.

    Healthy Chocolate can be enjoyed any time of day. To satisfy your taste buds and quench your hunger, follow these simple steps:
    1. Enjoy a piece of Healthy Chocolate
    2. Drink a full glass of water
    3. Do not eat anything for ten minutes
    4. Enjoy the BOOST!

    At Healthy Chocolate, LLC, we share your vision to improve the health of your patients / customers. To learn more about Healthy Chocolate, please give us a call. We welcome your participation in our vision of Guilt Free Chocolate.

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