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34 Listings in this Directory

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    Environmental Consultancy, specialising in planning and ecology. Based in Scotland, England and Wales. Our diverse and experienced team provides expert technical, environmental and planning support and advice to utilities, developers, industry, communities and the public sector throughout the entire project life-cycle from feasibility to implementation.

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    Blogger, Tree Hugger, Humanitarian, Animal Enthusiast, Loves Sachin,
    F1 Addict, Enjoys Photography and an Absolute Hedonist!!

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    An energy and LEED consulting firm working with architects and developers in Midwest. We specialize in energy modeling, building commissioning, and LEED administration. Follow us on twitter or visit

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    Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap – made from a special fruit, this is a revolutionary way to wash your clothes! Great for sensitive skin, and baby clothes/cloth diapers.
    Follow us for all kinds of eco-awesome tips, coupons and contests.

    Website: Eco Nuts
    Facebook: Eco Nuts Facebook Fan Page

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    Updater ( is the premier online platform for managing your postal address. With Updater, you can manage the privacy and communication settings for your postal address. When you move, Updater will securely file your change of address form and simultaneously update all your mailers. Updater can also eliminate unwanted junk mail.

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    Quality (re)twats about the environment, progress, technology, social issues, politics, smart design, health, living, humor, quotes, internet, …

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    spongologist, samba dancer, keen diver and marine biologist often found above on or below water trying to change perceptions of the sea one drip at a time…

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    We are a responsible whale watching company based in beautiful West Cork. All our boat-based whale watching tours from Baltimore, Co Cork and Baja, Mexico; Hawaii and Patagonia are run by Nic Slocum, passionate conservationist and qualified zoologist.

    We Tweet about anything whales and conservation!

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    Greenpeace u.s. ceo | clean energy + environmental + democracy leader | solar + electric car lover | poker player | nacho aficionado

    More at Wikipedia –

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