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453 Listings in this Directory

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    I am 29 yrs old full time Forex trader. It all started 5 years ago when I got tired of my day job and started looking at other sources of income. Recently I published a blog to share my experiences and hope to make some friends along the way.

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    Frank A. Cseke is a Fort Collins, Colorado-based attorney whose practice is focused on the areas of estate planning, business law, and VA benefits assistance.

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    De Excellent Groep is een landelijk werkende organisatie, die vanuit haar monumentale kantoorpand in Den Helder de krachten samenbrengt van een viertal bedrijven; Excellent Adviseurs, Excellent Insurance, Excellent Finance en Excellent Wonen, die ieder afzonderlijk een eigen specialisme hebben.

    De Excellent Groep is gespecialiseerd in Financiële Planning en Verzekeringen voor particulieren en bedrijven. Wij garanderen u professionele begeleiding en deskundig advies op het gebied van Hypotheken, Kredieten, Vermogensbeheer, Verzekeringen, Pensioen, MKB Totaaladvies, Werkgevers- en Werknemers-voorzieningen, Aankoop en Verkoop van Onroerend goed en Taxaties.

    Door de integratie van al onze kennisterreinen kunnen wij als geen ander een strategisch totaalplan voor u ontwikkelen. Een plan dat wordt ingevuld met producten en diensten die voor uw specifieke situatie het meest interessant zijn.

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    Thank-You For Following Me.

    Free Forex Video Training Lessons

    Check Out My Forex Robots Bonus, Forex Trading Reviews
    and Free Forex Video Training Lessons Whilst You Are Here.

    Free Forex Video Training Lessons

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    Welcome to, where Ceteris is still Paribus. We are a portal for Economic and Financial theory and discussion. We provide an outlet for exploring diverse economic theories and applying them to everyday life. Along these lines, we also feature advice and links to money-saving sites and programs, as well as interesting articles on all that is economically and financially of interest, a Current Events section, Book Reviews, and a Humor section. Stay tuned for improvements in our store section, and more.

  • Follow me on Twitter! is the Online Source for Market Intelligence. We don’t play politics and we have access to the top Investment Newsletter writers in the World – fresh, every chance we get. Please drop over at visit and come follow us for News that can help YOU make smart Investment decisions.

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    Meet Internet Marketing Gurus Jay and Aaron.

    - Thousands of Entrepreneurs
    - 170+ Countries
    - 50+ Languages
    - One Community
    - One Mission

    Over the last few years, we have taught thousands of people how to successfully FIRE THEIR BOSSES and write their own paychecks – from home!

    Everyday people just like you are learning to leverage the power of Internet, writing THEIR OWN PAYCHECKS along the way.

    The concept is simple. You are either working for yourself, or for someone else. We have created and empowered thousands of entrepreneurs around the world.

    How can we help YOU find, and fulfill your passion?

    How can we help you write your own pay check, one that you deserve, and leave the pencil-whipped ones for someone else..?

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    Presents a guide about foreign exchange. Provides both technical and fundamental analysis. Includes also basics and advanced strategies.

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    For many people buying a house will be the biggest financial commitment one might make in one’s lifetime. As such it can be really daunting. The house may look fine from the street, but how is the potential buyer supposed to know what horrors lie hidden beneath the veneer?

    Fortunately here in the UK one doesn’t enter into a contract with one’s eyes completely closed. There is a statutory obligation upon anyone selling a residential property to provide a Home Information Pack (HIP), which will be made available to the prospective buyer before any marketing gets underway.

    The HIP has to contain a Home Information Pack Index, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), a Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ), a Sale Statement, an official copy of the Register and of the Title Plan, plus all the standard searches from the local authority and Drainage & Water. In the case of a leasehold property a copy of the Lease must also be provided.

    Typically the seller will employ an agent to help with the drawing up of the necessary documentation. Agencies of this type are regulated by the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB), who have the responsibility of ensuring that those delivering the service are wholly compliant with the Search Code and HIP Code. The PCCB keeps a register of all the agencies committed to operating within these standards of practice.

    Operating in the Bristol, North Somerset and Gloucestershire areas, Purple Bridge provides clear, precise and easy to follow information about the services it provides and the fees it charges.

    These operating practices exist to protect the buyer from any unforeseen problems or difficulties when purchasing the freehold or leasehold of a residential dwelling. Their implementation makes sure that no matter how great an undertaking it is buying a new home the purchaser is still able to sleep soundly.

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    We are payment processing experts that can help demystify the complex world of electronic currency. We provide our clients with simple, reliable and secure solutions that streamline commerce and cut cost. We are passionate about new technology, educating merchants, payment processing, creating value, payment processing and payment processing. Follow us or contact us directly if you have any questions about credit card processing, ACH, e-check, e-commerce gateways, retail and/or mobile solutions.

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    I am a seasoned recruiter in the financial vertical currently looking for individuals with a sales, business development and financial backgrounds for the Wells Fargo Financial Advisors Training Program. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

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    Stock Trend Investing is a proven strategu for stock market investors who aim for superior results and peace of mind while spending less than one hour per month on it.

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    Professional Recruiter for Information Technology, Business Applications, and Engineering. Philadelphia, PA and east coast locations. Follow me to see active job opportunities I’m working on.


  • Follow me on Twitter! – an investing and financial website without the big words

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    Knight Knox International are a market-leading worldwide property group. Selling property in over 50 countries worldwide with a particular focus on the investment aspect of real estate. Knight Knox is a long standing company with an excellent reputation and thousands of satisfied clients.

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    Forex news that affect the Forex Market. Expert Forex traders find and share useful realtime forex news – for you to benefit.

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    Drewberry Personal Insurance Brokers, we are a London-based insurance brokers providing personal insurance services to helping individuals throughout the UK get the best advice and the most competitive rates.

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    KV Management is an emerging leader in the business financial services industry. With access to over $740,000,000 in capital and over 500 independent sales agents and offices, KV Management is making a positive impact in our business community by providing small business loans and by reducing the fees our clients pay to their credit card processors by up to 20%.

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    Compuscan Academy is a skills development and training provider dedicated to giving the best possible training in the credit and corporate industry.

    Our wide variety of workshops and skills programmes can also be customised to meet your training needs!

    We offer programs for Credit Skills, PC Skills, Business/Personal Development Skills.

    For more information, please visit our website at

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    1st Loan Modification of America was founded with the mission of assisting homeowners who had been victimized by fee-hungry bankers and unreliable mortgage brokers. Unlike many of them, 1st Loan Modification of America is an established, highly respected loan modification company. 1st Loan Modification of America specializes in one thing, and that is keeping their clients in their homes while making them more affordable.

  • Follow me on Twitter! Indonesia Investment and Finance Network.
    Articles, blogs, forum for Finance People. Also topics on Green Market, Campus Life, lifestyle, Photography, etc.

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    I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, author of the book Retirement Readiness; Creating Your Vision, Knowing Your Position, and Preparing for Your Future, and host of the Mike Bonacorsi Show on WSMN Radio. The Focus of my practice is helping clients create plans and strategies for retirement built around the key areas of Lifestyle, Wealth and Health. I believes that retirement planning is more than just the value of your 401k

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    Sonray Capital Markets is an Australian financial services company (regulated by ASIC) providing access to global markets for Retail and Institutional clients. Sonray provides General Advice on global markets encompassing Margin FX, Futures, Equities & Options.

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    Israeli entrepreneur, co-founder of Gilat and JAL Ventures.

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    B2B Quality Lead Generation. Helping businesses find suppliers and suppliers find customers. A site for b2b quotes, sales leads and business partnerships.

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