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185 Listings in this Directory

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    Swiss recruitment expert for IT, Finance and Life Science Specialists.
    Great Expertise in highly-skilled positions in switzerland and wider European market. Any interest to work in one of the best places in the world – let us know and we will help!

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    Recruitment Consultant for IT, Digital & Media. Scotland. Specialise in the delivery of Developers and Designers accross Scotland and looking to build a great network of top quality developers. Please get in touch if you wish to be part of an added value network!

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    netinfluence is a switzerland based leading edge company for web 2.0 & iphone developments. We develop Objective-C, Flex, Adobe Air PHP Typo3, and get all our engineers certified ZCE (ZEND PHP5) and ZFCE (Zend framework).
    Our strength relies on our skills to provide not only state of the art applications but also audit, consulting, full marketing & communication support, creative thinking and powerful networking.

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    Save Lives. Improve Quality. Conserve Assets.

    One in three US hospitals use one or more Quantros solutions everyday. Our clinically developed, easy-to-use software helps improve quality, safety, and accreditation standards compliance while lowering costs.

    Quantros Insight Suite
    From physicians to pharmacists, nurses to patients, everyone shares the common goal of minimizing the incidence of adverse events across the continuum of care. Quantros provides solutions in three key areas:

    * Rx Insight™ – Pharmacovigilance and intervention
    * Care Insight™ – Point of care guideline compliance and surveillance
    * IC Insight™ – Proactive infection surveillance and case management

    By automating the monitoring process, Insight applications place an around-the-clock umbrella of surveillance over your patients to improve medication safety, deliver optimal clinical care and ensure monitoring and management of infections with benefits that ripple throughout the hospital.

    Safety and Risk Management Solution (SRM)

    Quantros SRM is a comprehensive event tracking, monitoring and workflow management solution. It encompasses both actual and near-miss occurrences and issues across all care and service delivery areas within the healthcare provider environment. SRM helps clients identify safety interventions and track intervention performance in real time.

    Regulatory Reporting Management and
    Performance Improvement Solution (RRM)

    Quantros RRM streamlines and simplifies reporting to a growing list of organizations such as The Joint Commission, CMS and many others. In addition, RRM supports data registry initiatives. RRM reaches far beyond simple provider quality of care compliance and offers improved reimbursement opportunity through support of pay for performance programs. Automation allows real-time access to performance indicator data so proactive interventions can be enacted rapidly.

    Quantros MEDMARX
    Quantros, in partnership with U.S. Pharmacopeia, now offers MEDMARX, a hosted application providing the most comprehensive means of addressing medication errors and adverse drug reactions. MEDMARX helps healthcare providers quickly capture, address, monitor and trend critical data. This leads to interventions that save lives, reduce harm and save money.

    Accreditation & Compliance Excellence Solution (ACE)

    Quantros ACE automates and simplifies manual and burdensome standards compliance self-monitoring activities that are widely prevalent within most healthcare institutions. The Quantros ACE suite of tools allows you to maintain a state of continued readiness to support surprise visits from state, CMS or any other accreditation organization. It also decreases the normally resource intensive efforts for all accreditation and compliance activities.

  • Follow me on Twitter! is a lead generation service for iphone app developers. Follow us on twitter!

  • Follow me on Twitter! is a lead generation service for iphone app developers. Follow us on twitter!

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    I am the co-founder of Spiral Web Consulting, a web development firm that specializes in PHP development, particularly WordPress and Magento. We currently maintain Google Analyticator and Podcasting, two very popular WordPress plugins.

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    Geek, Blogger and Java/J2EE application developer, coffee and videogames adict. Also Debian GNU/Linux passionate user looking for people to learn from and make friends! :D

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    Product & Interaction Designer, Entrepreneur and an Abandoned Bunny [dotcom]

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    iPhone / Palm Pre developer and student, living in Copenhagen Denmark. Currently building his next batch of exciting applications.

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    Gifts project is a new Facebook app that enables real group gifts. San Francisco, fun, friends, tennis, ski, cat, mom, gifts, travel, freedom

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  • Follow me on Twitter!

    We develop iPhone apps. Business apps, games, visitor apps and marketing apps to name but a few!

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    Independent Iphone game developer.

  • Follow me on Twitter! ( is a meeting place where people with new app ideas but no programming skills connect with app developers who compete to turn those ideas into reality! Its free to register, post and bid on ideas.

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    Osborn Software is a website / development project about a free file/folder encryption software called Advanced File Security

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    The iPhone / iPad and Android App Builder for the rest of us! Create native iPhone and Android Apps for branding, real estate, stores, news, blogs and more…

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    David Wendt, CEO of Outmind Technology Inc.,
    Dave offers exceptional Internet technology and application development tips with a futurist perspective. The company powers some of the most successful eBusiness sites for fortune 500 companies, NGOs, and the education, industrial, retail and public sectors. Dave is CEO and an Angel investor. Insightful posts, status updates, entrepreneurial approach, philosophical and friendly disposition.

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    27 years old Programmer & Web Designer who Loves Photography and Graphic design & Branding.

    See My Works Here:

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    mobile content video streaming platform development and content billing .
    WAP,SmartPhones,IPhone and keeping pace with the mobile revolution.Always looking for partners and new opportunties.Very clever independant mobile /app developers are also welcome to contact us.

  • Follow me on Twitter! is a community where people with creative new app ideas connect with and hire experienced freelance app developers to turn their ideas into reality.

    Whether your app idea is for a smartphone such as the iPhone, Android, or Symbian, a web app for a site such as FaceBook, Twitter, or Google, a device like the iPad or Kindle, or you simply want to turn your existing website into an app that is compatible with a mobile device, post your idea on and let experienced application developers bid on the opportunity to design and create your app!

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    3d Virtual girl app for Iphone

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    Professional Recruiter for Information Technology, Business Applications, and Engineering. Philadelphia, PA and east coast locations. Follow me to see active job opportunities I’m working on.


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    I enjoy the comfort of being able to engulf myself in the constant flux of information on the Web. I crave to learn new technologies and always discovering new ways to improve my work. I also love the outdoors and the wild backyards of British Columbia.

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    We’re an independent mobile application development business, building applications for our own brand and our clients.
    Follow us to be kept up to date on all news relating to Mobile Phones. Also get in touch on our page with any app ideas, you want to see on the marketplace.

    Follow us for mobile phone related news – iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Samsung, Nokia, Palm, Blackberry and iPad

    Visit us at

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