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97 Listings in this Directory

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    Creative Jar is a full service digital design agency. We work across all media channels from enterprise ecommerce to engaging viral marketing campaigns and search. We’re ideas led, passionate and driven by making your business a success.

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    I have a paper crafting shop specializing in unique scrapbooking and gift tags. I welcome custom orders if you have something in mind! I can help with affordable ideas for baby showers, wedding showers, and just about any other holiday or event you can think of. Follow me to learn about new products and giveaways, and check out my shop here:

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    Consumer of art, looking for intelligent controversy

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    Interesting Links!! News-Animals-Computing-Health-How To’s-Science-Facts
    Bizarre-Photography-Art-Space & More! Join Me Today!!

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    Web Design magazine, Graphic Design magazine, Web Design blog, Graphic Design blog, providing news and resources for designers, coders.

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    CEO Crealize, agency communication and media production.

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    I combine human physiology, psychology, and culture to create experiences: -UX design -usability -ethnographic research -brand strategy.

    I tweet about food I’m eating and making, daily observations, and design.

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    designer + trend tracker at MGM Resorts Events. Creating environments with panache!

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    I write a daily column at I am always on the look out for new and innovative products and creative people to write about. Check out my personal blog to read articles I’ve written for other design sources.

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    simply design-addict!

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    Classified Adverts Website for Talented people in UK. Post an advert on our website and you might just grab the job for your abilities

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    It is our belief that pregnancy is a great time for you to pamper oneself. Just because you are having a baby does not mean that you have to give up your fabulous sense of style, which is why Nicole has designed her clothing to fit a woman’s growing body. Nicole’s beautiful fabrics are hand chosen to accentuate each design, giving each outfit just the right amount of flow & comfort, allowing your confidence to shine through.

    Browse through our collection & find great designer pieces for all occasions. After all, life is a dress rehearsal where you are the star!

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    OMG! We spent all our money in Ice Cream and Sneakers…


    Check out our website:

    Our FUN page on Check out our website: Facebook

    Or follow us on Twitter

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    Magallánico sobreviviendo en Santiago de Chile. Diseñador Gráfico, especializado en el Diseño Editorial.

  • Follow me on Twitter! is a new online forum for anyone interested in Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design and Fashion.

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    Hi! I’m a freshman in high school, an avid blogger, a lover of the written word, and a crappy artist with the misfortune of loving to draw. Check out my blogsite: Angelic Calamity. Follow me and I’ll follow you back! :)

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    Art director, web desinger, basketball player, student. – my web-studio

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    Latin American Industrial Designer, Colombian Actually…Working as freelancer on Product Design and , graphic arts for advertising and corporate identity.

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    Bath Simple is a Berkeley, CA based company that has reinvented the bath remodeling experience.

    Dig in at:

    *Unveiling our site soon. Welcoming all homeowners, designers, and contractors… Let’s make it simple!

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    Postal garden design is a brand new service offered by Wyld Landscapes, a well established landscape company which has been designing and constructing beautiful gardens for over twenty years.

    The service provides a professionally-drawn garden design based upon information supplied by yourself, allowing you either to build the garden yourself or to employ a landscape contractor to do so for you.

    The cost of this type of service is substantially lower as there is no need for site visits, long consultations or expensive overheads.

    In spite of this economical approach the designs produced are drawn up using high-quality professional CAD software, with each design being drawn from scratch allowing for unique content each time. No templates are used because every garden is different and all the information provided will be used where possible to provide a bespoke design suited to your specific needs.

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    Millbrook Cabinetry & Design. Offering a wide range of affordable custom products from doors,windows, cabinets and countertops. Meet our designers today!

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    Digital Media Art student majoring in Design and Visualization.

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    Unlimited Thinking for Limited Spaces. The freshest, innovative, and eco-friendly ideas, trends, and designs for the stylish urban garden.

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    Tom Lane established Rockingham Fender Seats more than twenty years ago, to manufacture bespoke fireside seats after having been inspired by his own original Edwardian fender seat.

    Having farmed at Grange Farm, Thorney, UK, for more than fifty years it seemed only natural to convert the existing barns and pig sties into workshops where the club fender seats could be carefully constructed. However in February 2010 it was decided to move the workshops to central Peterborough to more modern premises with better access.

    Rockingham Fender Seats manufacture their club fenders in a huge range of styles and materials. Customers have the option of selecting and combining every last detail.

    Unrivalled service and craftsmanship have always been the hallmark of Rockingham Fender Seats, where each seat is painstakingly crafted and finished by hand to each customer’s own precise specification.

    Bespoke fender seats have been made by Rockingham Fender Seats for a very diverse range of clients including several members of the British Royal family and aristocracy, the US ambassador in London, the Jockey Club, various Cabinet Ministers past and present and countless celebrities both in the UK and abroad.

    Please contact us to find out how we can build you a hand crafted quality fender seat, a fender guard, or a low fender to suit your own individual requirements.

    [email protected]

    01733 687323

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    Digitize. Design. Develop.

    We give you the Edge in Integrated Media Services.

    Follow us to get the news on some of the latest trends on Social Media, Design & Development as well as our quirky happenings in the office!

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